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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not yet! Too soon!

I wasn't ready for this. Amanda never did this and Kieran is just too young.

About a week ago Kieran climbed out of his crib after his nap. Hmmm. I never lowered his crib after I had Perry so I went ahead and did just that. He could still climb in by using the rocking chair but not out. I'm okay with the in, it's the out I had an issue with. A couple of days go by with no escaping when Kieran has a hissy fit when put a diaper on him. In a moment of mommy sarcasm, I asked him if he wanted to use the potty. That must have been what he wanted. He bolted down the hall and starts banging on the bathroom door. I'm a little shocked but, hey, I'll play along. I put him on the potty, expecting him to jump right down. Ha! The joke was on me when he sat there, beaming, for a whole 30 minutes. This kid can't sit long enough to consume a meal but he'll hang out on the throne until the cows come home. Maybe I should start feeding him the bathroom. Nothing went in the potty but he has made an effort to get there on more than one occasion. Like yesterday, when he took off for the potty, stopped half way, planted his feet, looked down and peed on the carpet.

 He tried. He really did. I'm not very paitient so I don't sit him on the potty as much as I should. A half hour sitting on the side of the tub while there is so many other things I could be doing like Facebook dishes and reading by myself to the kids. Bad Mommy, No Nookie.

This all brings me to today. I was a little slow to get out of bed this morning. Date night tends to take a lot out of me so I sleep a little harder on sunday mornings. I was woke up around 7:30 to Amanda playing in her room. No big deal. I dragged myself out of bed, turn off Kieran's monitor ( it was acting up anyway) and went about my morning alone time. 20 minutes and a cup of coffee later I get the kids. I already knew Amanda was out of bed. She's a big girl in a big girl bed. No big deal. Kieran on the other hand had managed to get out of his though. The crib railing comes up to his chin. How did he do it? I naturally assumed that the rocking chair was his way up and out. I moved it later on right before nap.

Imagine my surprise when I heard him playing in his closet just a couple of minutes after I put him down to sleep.That little booger got out AGAIN! It took me three tries before I could catch him actually swinging his leg up onto the rail and climbing out. He's a hefty 28 pounds and built for contact sports. I no longer doubt his ability to lift heavy objects, not that I really did before.
Now I'm stuck with a dilemma.  Do I put him in a big boy bed since he is so clearly a big boy or do I let him work on his upper body strength. It is only 17 short years until he starts playing college ball for Syracuse.......
I miss my baby boy already.

At least he didn't come and get me...yet.

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Rhaven said...

I had two reactions that have warred with me nonstop as I read this blog. I felt equally "LOL" and "Awwww". It's always too soon, isnt it?