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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Apples and Oranges

Certain things seem to be a constant in my life. Things like apples and oranges. I grew up in the county of orange. The bottom corner where the river turned south. I love that river, still do. I've swam, rafted, and crossed it countless times. It was a gateway between home and the rest of the world. I picked apples in that county when I was very small. I moved out of orange into the "rest of the world" at a young age.
I often think of the orchard in the county of orange,that I would pass on my way to my fathers as an adult. I always wanted to stop but never did. Maybe I should have.

I used to work near that orchard at a dairy. I would have preferred to work at the orchard but never applied. Maybe I should have. I used to go in to the city to sell cheese for the dairy, and in the city I would buy some of juiciest apples you were able to find out of season. I wonder what their secret was.

I wanted to leave where I was which wasn't orange. In my search for a place to land I thought I would try a place with an orangeman as the mascot. You see there was an old apple orchard in need of reviving. I didn't follow up on it, so I didn't go.

I then had to leave the non orange non apple place. So I picked up and left and to my surprise when I arrived at the place I was to call home every one was wearing orange. It was on their cars and houses too. I gave it no thought. I have recently noticed that there may be an overflow of orange colored objects and occasionally people, the apples suck. There is no apple cider in the style that I am accustomed to.

call it culture shock call it home sickness, but I don't like it. I need to have my apples inside my oranges. Strange but true the do come that way.


WendyKat said...


It's Nat #1... aka the cake maker. oh yes.. do not think we've forgotten the cheeeese cake.

how did you stumble upon my housemate's blog? did #2 let you in on the secret?

oh you must visit my dopey ass blog at tilleyd.blogspot

i have yet to post anything on real importance, but. we can communicate that way. since i am so not gonna put my email on the web.

hugs to you, by the by, i'm living in cambridge mass!

WendyKat said...

well, i am glad to hear from you.

i am also that that you have escaped the farm. and what was the incident with the backhoe?

you know, you are surviving.. as am i .. as we all are.