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Friday, June 11, 2010

Hard Times, Happy Times And The A HA Moment

There isn't a moment in my life that doesn't have a song attached to it. Some songs were written just for me and that time in my life. Some songs I've heard before hand and they pop into my head when the right moment arrives. Others I hear after the fact and they just seem to put into words what I couldn't.

(1)  Runaway, Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park- I was Working in a dry cleaners when I ran into Linkin Park. A girl I worked with played it one night and everything just seemed to click. I didn't realize it right away but what they were telling me what was really going on in my head. It was like they crawled inside my head while I was living with "Spencer" and wrote that album.
Living with Spencer was a mind fuck. She was a pathological liar and controlling. She was suppose to be my best friend. Listening to Linkin Park was like getting a brick in the head one day. I got up and out not long after hearing them for the first time.

(2)  I'm Movin' On, Rascal Flatts - This was the song that I played when I left New Jersey. I thought I had made peace with my demons. I hadn't. I was just running from them. I regretted moving to Tennessee within 2 weeks after I had arrived.

(3,4,5,6)  What Hurts The Most, Rascal Flatts; CrushCrushCrush, Paramore; I'm The Only One, Melissa Etheridge; Best I Ever Had, Gary Allan- These are just a few of the songs that make me think of a particular person and the time period of my life they were in. It covers several years, involves several people and a lot of bittersweet memories.

(7) Make Over, Stripped, Christina Aguilera- This was a transitional song for me. I listened to it a lot when I moved back home and then to Tennessee. I just wanted to get away and be free. It was my only goal and it blew up in my face a couple of times.

(8) Her Diamonds, Cradlesong, Rob Thomas- I can't tell you how many times I've felt like the girl in the song. I've left quite a few "diamonds" on the floor.

( 9) Breathe (2 AM), Anna Nalick- What can I say. The girl has got a point. You can't jump the track and you're as far in as you are out. This is the song that starts the upward spiral after I've left some "diamonds" lying around.

(10) Supermassive Black Hole - This is what I call my "Stripper Song". I can't explain it. It just makes me feel sexy and powerful. I play this song so I can get my swagger on.

Music is vehicle, I wouldn't get anywhere without it.

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Jenn said...

Nice list. I have similar thoughts about "Moving On." I wonder if anyone has ever really faced all their demons? I also love "Breathe (2AM)" - the line that resonates the most is "Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?".

divacowgirl said...

How funny. I also am a big fan of "Moving On" and listened to it as I was leaving my hometown and moving to where I am now. I was trying to run away from who I was and nine years later, I miss that person. Lately "Breathe" has been a big one for me and very relative to a current situation. Thanks for sharing. Music does the same thing for me. My husband can always tell when I'm homesick because I listen to country music non stop :)

MissMom2U said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved your soundtrack! It's funny how music helps us through some of the harder times in our lives.

casey aubut said...

I am your newest follower from Friendly Friday! Would love for you to stop by my blog also!
Have a great weekend!

Jenna said...

I am your newest follower from FF! I'd love for you to visit/follow me at www.momsbalancingact.com

jenna said...

I am your newest follower from FF! I'd love for you to visit/follow me at www.momsbalancingact.com