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Thursday, June 10, 2010

You're Making Me Twitch

MaryMac over at Pajamas and Coffee had a post today about 7 things that get under her skin. Since I'm PMSing and everything is irking me, I'm going to join in.

I'm going to leave it to what got to me in the past 24 hours just to keep the list short.

  1. Living in the Brokeness- I can't tell you how much this drive me nuts. All the things I can't do and can't have. The bills I can't pay. That makes my eye (visibly) twitch.
  2. The Swarm- Every time I sit on the couch or the floor, the kids attack me all at once. They all want to sit in my lap, pull my hair, stick their jam hands in my mouth ( eyes, nose, ears, etc.) The only truly safe places are either standing or in hiding. That makes my arms and legs twitch.
  3. Some one (Tom) reading over my shoulder (Tom) when I'm on the computer(Tom). That makes my back twitch.
  4. Not being able to complete a post-  I have no less than three unfinished posts because I got interupted by kids, chores or #3. That makes my brain twitch.
  5. The Cat- I used to love cats. I haven't been without a cat since I was 12. Recently though, I've had the kind of cat tha has no problem NOT using the litter box. She prefers my fluffy, bright white, towels instead. That makes my hands twitch. ( She's still a vast improvment over Tom's now deceased "Wife". She pissed in the toy box and crapped in the hall.)
  6. Birds- They get in my shed and crap all over the place including my dryer. Just plain gross. That makes my gag reflex twitch.
  7. Trailers, mobil homes, hot/ice boxes, tin can with a fridge- call it what you want. I hate living in one. It's a POS. That makes my heart twitch.
This stuff doesn't just annoy me it gets under my skin, crawls into my brain and takes root. What gets to you?


AngieB said...

I was so thrilled to read #3, because that drives me absolutely CRAZY and my husband has never understood it, so I thought it was a "me" thing. I could be browsing through the online grocery ads or commenting on a blog post - it doesn't matter what, it just drives me nuts. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Life Without Pink said...

Ugh I can totally relate. When I lay on the floor both my boys think it is game on and start attaching me...so nice! Found you through Ballard Boys. she featured you on my new meme Friday Favorites!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Oh, yeah! I spend most of my day standing, since my children think I'm fair game for climbing when I'm
sitting down. YUCK!

Excellent post!