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Thursday, August 05, 2010

A 4 Hour Tour

I have a really good sense of direction. It's like an internal GPS. I just seems to *know* when and where to turn. I've never been lost.
Until this past weekend.
This past Saturday I went to a party for my friends upcoming wedding (Congrats Kel & Mike!!!!!!).

Kel & Mike
I have driven that way dozens of times. I know it by heart. I only consulted Mapquest to check up on gas prices. I had the route totally covered.
I am GPS Woman.
Or not.
I missed my exit.
My mom had pointed out that I may be on the wrong road. I wasn't. I knew that much for sure. That's when I started to think about the time I went to a banquet in Dickson City with............... Never mind. That's how I got lost in the first place.
We were just tooting along, enjoying the ride. The kids had smeared Hostess Snowballs and Devil Dogs all over the backseat. My mom was reading a book. Tom was marveling at the amazing views between power naps. I never realized that the scenery wasn't what it should be. I was reading names of towns that I had never heard before. I hadn't even remembered that I was supposed to be on a different highway heading east instead of south.

I was just starting to thing that we should be there by now when my mom mentioned that we "may" have missed our exit.
My poor little brain that was on a happy little vacation dropped it's drink and panicked. My pride took over. I was sure that we could catch the next highway and head east. I was adamant about it. I have an internal compass, there was no way I was wrong.
A half hour later I couldn't shake that feeling that we were to far gone.
It's about time my powers kicked in.
I relented and eventually found the only gas station in the country that doesn't carry maps. The locals told us to turn around to catch the highway I thought we were heading for once I found out we had passed our first choice. I had passed it by at least an hour.
So much for my superhuman GPS.
We finally arrived to the party,  3 hours late.

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